Shermone Vermelle LLC is a South Carolina Limited Liability Company formed in 2008 by Anthony Wright.  The company's name was changed from Universal Sports, Inc., due to a change in operational directives. 

Under the banner of Universal Sports, Inc., we developed and distributed College Belts with logos engraved on pewter buckles.  We provided "Game Day" belts for coaching staffs at Mississippi State University (Head Coach Jackie Sherrill), Virginia Tech (Head Coach Frank Beamer) and West Virginia University (Head Coach Rich Rodriguez). 

After a very successful launch of the College Belts Product Line, the company prioritized the planning of major projects that could draw international appeal.  We sought partnerships with large scale financiers to aid in project developments.

The corporate direction moved toward luxury timepiece productions with the invention of The Mobile Crystal Cover and subsequent Non-Provisional Patent Filing of "Methods and Systems of Providing a Moveable Cover for a Timepiece."  In 2008, the company transferred the intellectual property rights to a newly formed limited liability company, Shermone Vermelle LLC.

We are now at the end stages of completing a number of projects, years in the making.  ‚ÄčOur modified agenda creates structures for ownership, development and commercial utilization of programs, projects, intellectual properties and entertainment content.  We focus upon large-scale ventures that may be accomplished through partnerships, in-house productions, mergers and buyouts.

On occasion, we establish reciprocal relationships with globally recognizable individuals, business models and related assets.  This may include acquiring rights to names, images and likenesses of celebrities and persons of significant public appeal.

The corporate directive is to create an umbrella of product offerings consisting of proven income properties and new offerings with significant business and socio-economic impact.

Through our ongoing search for new ideas, concepts and methodologies, a number of innovative projects are availed to us.  We carefully select those that represent best opportunities of societal impact, completion and implementation. 

We have recently revamped our efforts in film projects.  As newcomers to the film industry, we're in the process of adequately funding production for an international sports-related film project. Once funded, we will revisit previous negotiations with an acclaimed writer and director.


Other projects and programs of the Shermone Vermelle LLC agenda will be addressed as timing and schedules may dictate.  We remain highly motivated in forming partnerships with those in positions of equitably merging various skill sets in producing quality and profitable ventures.