Anthony Wright, Managing General Partner


Anthony Wright is Managing General Partner of Shermone Vermelle LLC.  He plans and charts the company's direction and is responsible for approving any of its ventures including partnerships and proposals.

He has an extensive history of corporate employment and business experience.  He has worked in Data Processing, Data Communications, Real Estate Sales and Development, Residential and Commercial Construction and Graphic Design.  As an independent consultant and businessman, he has negotiated programs and services with Fortune 1000 Companies, served on school advisory councils, managed the development of a residential subdivision and served on statewide committees of higher education. 

Sheryl Wright, General Partner



Sheryl Wright is a General Partner in charge of Office Operations at Shermone Vermelle LLC.  She coordinates all business filings and media correspondences.

Sheryl attended Columbia College (Columbia, SC) where she double majored in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Law.  Prior to becoming General Partner of Shermone Vermelle, she served as Executive Assistant to the CEO at Universal Sports, Inc.  She performed a number of services to include licensing acquisitions, graphic design, public relations and managed the day-to-day operations of the company.

Charlton F. Hall, General Partner



Charlton F. Hall, Jr., is a General Partner in Shermone Vermelle LLC.   He has a varied background of interests and has been a long-time Columbia Businessman.  His primary occupation is in the antiques business.


His support provided the operational resources required for the company's start of operations.  He remains a passive participant.